The beginning of our story

This is the story about a woman with the vision to transform the flower industry. When Fabiola moved to Guatemala from Colombia, the leading country in the flower business, she discovered the opportunity to create a women-led movement.

The flower industry in Guatemala hadn’t bloomed yet, but she noticed that people in the rural villages in the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala were highly skilled at agriculture; they knew how to grow and produce food. And just like food, flowers require patience and meticulous attention to detail, so Fabiola began teaching rose growing best practices to the indigenous women in the surrounding areas. With their agricultural background, these women were quick learners and soon enough, the farm was up and running. As more and more women from the village started learning about roses, they began mastering their craft and the seeds of the movement were planted.

Currently, our farms are all Rainforest Certified and the women are at the centerstage of the selection process of our Premium flowers.

"We built this movement because we believe in what we do: our flowers transform the people who care for them and the people who receive them. We sell flowers directly from our farm to your doorstep to guarantee the best experience, price, and quality – that’s it! What started with a vision is now a movement with the purpose of spreading the power of flowers. Join us and become a part of our community that keeps growing with each bouquet we select for you."

Fabiola Bautista - founder

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