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Sunset Palette

Color: Orange

Halloween Special : To truly get in the spirit of it, we recommend including our Halloween bouquet as a centerpiece at the dining table or as decorative roses for the mudroom or entry space to meet your guests! This orange-themed bouquet will help you elevate your Halloween enthusiasm to the next level. You know what they say – the devil is in the details! 

Décor tip: Millennial Pink had its moment but it taught us one important lesson: hot pink is the ultimate symbol of cheer and fun. Be playful with your spaces at home and add this bold color as a statement-piece in your bedroom or living room!
For gifts: we all know that person who loves all pink everything – treat them to our stunning hot pink bouquet and you’ll give them the biggest smile.



Flower Size
6-7 cms
50 cms
Vase Life
10-12 days

Sunset Palette

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