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How do I Keep My Valentine’s Roses Fresh?

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We love the thrill of receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day, but we hate to see them dry out
so soon! As experts in the flower industry, here are some tips and tricks to keep your cut
roses fresh for about two weeks:

1. Clean your vase: fill a medium-sized vase with warm water and pour a tablespoon of
baking soda to start. Then, pour a small amount of white vinegar until you see a
bubbly/fizzy mix. This mix will remove any dirty parts of the vase. Run clean water and
rinse the vase; dry the vase with a cotton cloth and you’re all set!

2. Cut the stems: trim about an inch of the stems and put them in the vase with clean
water. Repeat this step every other day to ensure that the roses last as long as possible!

3. Remove the leaves off the stems: Remove all the leaves off the stem. Try to remove all
of them so that no leaf is submerged in the water. Leaves decay under water, so we want
to avoid having any bacteria near your cut roses.

4. Cool environment: keep your roses in a cool environment – they prefer colder spots because warmer temperature can overheat them and make them dry up. Bonus points for a spot near the AC!

5. Change the water on a regular basis: make sure you change the vase water every other day to keep the roses fresh!

Pro tip: you can also crush an aspirin tablet into the vase, and this will help the flowers stay fresh for even longer! The aspirin will help keep bacteria away from the water.

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