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Best happy birthday gifts

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A tale as old as time, gifting flowers has always been a caring act. While gifting red roses can
be quickly associated with love, we’ve got tips and tricks below on what each rose color mean
for your relationship.

Yellow Roses:
If it’s your friend’s birthday, yellow roses are the way to go! The yellow color means that there’s
an interest in maintaining a friendship while also telling them that you care about them. Besides,
their bright color can light up any room and bring joy, making it a great option for those people
who might need a bit cheering up, too.

Orange Roses:
A lot of people are not even aware that there are orange roses, so this is your go-to option if
you’re looking for an element of surprise. With such a strong color come bursts of energy,
excitement, and even admiration! This is the perfect gift for anyone who you’d like to shower in
positive energy.

Red Roses:
We all know red roses mean love, so gifting them to a significant other for their birthday could
be a great detail indicating commitment and affection.

White Roses:
White roses are ideal as a birthday gift for someone who is about to embark on new beginnings.
The white color is the most appropriate for new relationships or new bonds.

Are you ready to send the best birthday gift?

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